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Foster Youth Resources

Foster Youth Resources

Post –Secondary Education Support


The ETV Program is a federal program that provides supplemental resources to meet the cost of attendance in post-secondary educational and vocational programs, as defined in the Higher Education Act of 1965, for all youth aging out of custody. 

Youth must first apply for and receive an award letter from the institution they plan to attend. The award letter must detail all financial aid the student is to receive, including Pell Grants, MTAG, scholarships, and other grants, if applicable. 

If ETV funding is depleted during the federal fiscal year, priority will be placed on making payments to post-secondary institutions for tuition and other school fees for full-time students. Allowances may or may not be paid.  All payments are subject to the availability of funds. 

ETV Eligibility

  • Youth must participate in the ETV Program prior to their 23rd birthday to continue receiving ETV funds until their 26th birthday or a maximum of 60 months. 
    • The months do not have to be consecutive. A month is calculated as 30 calendar days. 
    • Failure of a class or semester will still be counted for the use of ETV funds. 
    • Youth who have not participated in the ETV program prior to their 23rd birthday will not be eligible for ETV funds. 
  • The following are eligible for ETV funds: 
    • Youth currently in custody
    • Youth who have left custody at the age of 16 years or older and have not yet reached 21 years of age
    • Youth who were reunified on or after reaching age 16 and have not yet attained 21 years of age
    • Youth who were adopted on or after reaching age 16 and have not yet attained 21 years of age
    • Youth who participated in the ETV Program prior to their 23rd birthday 
  • Youth must have a high school diploma, GED, or a certificate of attendance to receive ETV funds. 
  • Youth must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 to continue receiving ETV funds. Youth who are unable to receive Pell Grants or subsidized loans because of GPA will not be eligible for ETV funds. 

FAITH Scholarship

Former foster youth under age 25 may be eligible for the FAITH Scholarship, State Rep. Bill Kinkade Fostering Access and Inspiring True Hope Scholarship. To apply, please complete the MAAPP (MS Aid Application), available at

Click here for Kinkade FAITH Scholarship Fact Sheet.  

MDCPS or the qualified residential living facility will verify eligibility.  The funds will be available beginning in fall 2023.  Additional information is available at

For more information, please get in touch with the Mississippi Office of Student Financial Aid at or 1-800-327-2980 (toll-free in MS) or 601-432-6997.


Stipends In-care Youth

  • Stipends are available to youth who participate in the required program(s) and meet the requirements for each stipend. 
  • All stipends may be issued directly to the youth via check or pre-paid card. 
  • All stipends are subject to the availability of funds. 

Available Stipends

It is important to note that various stipends may not be available each year, depending on program evaluation and funding. 

  • Youth Conference Stipend
  • Life Skills Development Stipend
  • Mentor Stipend
  • Teen Advisory Board Stipend
  • Personal Enhancement Stipend 
  • High School Graduation Stipend
  • GED or Certificate of Attendance Stipend
  • Senior Year Stipend
  • College Stipend
  • Start-Up Stipend


  • Ensure basic supports for employment are in place, including transportation, and working with placement resources to support employment goals 
  • Referrals to skill development and career exploration programs (ages 15-18) 
  • Referrals to job placement programs for ages (18-21) 


  • The COR worker and Transition Navigator will work together with youth exiting foster care between the ages of 18 and 21 to ensure that the youth has an adequate living arrangement upon exiting care. 
  • Referrals to other services and/or contractual providers may be necessary to ensure no youth exits foster care to homelessness. If additional services beyond the scope of the COR worker and Transition Navigator are needed, the Transition Navigator must contact the appropriate YTSS Division Director for assistance. 
  • Foster Youth for Independence (FYI) Voucher Program is being implemented in some areas of the state. Referrals come from MDCPS staff or partnering agencies. 
  • Click here for a Leasing and Utility Authority for Foster Youth Fact Sheet. 

Advisory Council

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a youth leadership and advocacy training program coordinated through the YTSS Office.  YAC members participate in leadership training activities and active advocacy efforts to improve the foster care experience for all youth in care. The Mississippi Youth Advisory Council will focus on incorporating the voice of youth in the custody of MDCPS into the policy. Board advisors (staff) and members will collaborate on bringing awareness to the specific issues they face, adequately addressing the correct chains of command, and strategically having their voices heard. 

Youth may contact their Transition Navigator for details on voluntary participation.

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