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Learn About MDCPS

Learn About MDCPS

The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services was created as the state’s lead child welfare agency by the 2016 Mississippi Legislature, separating it from the Mississippi Department of Human Services. In May 2016, Governor Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2179, establishing MDCPS as an independent agency with its commissioner serving as a member of the Governor’s cabinet.

Andrea Sanders has been Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services (MDCPS) since November 2020. Commissioner Sanders came into this position and thoughtfully assessed the agency and the employees of the agency for strengths and areas needing improvement. Together with the Senior Leadership Team, MDCPS strives to keep Mississippi’s children safely in their own families and communities. When that is not possible, we are committed to finding permanency for children as quickly as possible. We intend to become a place to come for help, led by experts who minimize trauma to children and families through sound practices and personal engagement.

Mission Statement

We will protect children, support families, and encourage lasting family connections.