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Youth Transition Support Services


The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services, through the Division of Youth Transition Support Services, promotes intellectual and social development, mental wellness, physical health, economic success, safety, and permanency through youth-driven case planning while establishing and preserving connections for a manageable transition to adulthood. 

Guiding Principles

  • We strive to achieve positive results for youth through providing purposeful, high-quality services. 
  • We promote youth voice by engaging young people in the development, implementation, and refinement of our work and by practicing a youth-driven approach to service delivery. 
  • We cultivate relationships within and among our partner organizations and other community organizations to maximize our ability to collectively support our youth. 
  • We use data to measure progress and improve services. 
  • We foster a culture of accountability throughout our organizations for providing high-quality services that produce results. 

Youth Transition Support Services Overview

YTSS consists of several programs for youth ages fourteen (14) to age twenty-six (26): 

  • Transitional Living Planning
  • Aftercare Resource Connection 
  • Post-Secondary Education Support
  • Support Services

Transitional Living Planning

Transitional Living Planning is for youth ages fourteen (14) to age twenty (20) in the care of MDCPS and includes:

  • Youth Appraisal
  • Review of Client Rights
  • Identification of needed referral services such as Life Skills, Education Services, Employment, Community Support, and Permanent Connections

Transition Navigator Map and Contact Information