For Parents & Families

For Parents and Families

For Parents and Families

At MDCPS, we understand that there may be times when parents and families need additional support and resources to strengthen their families.  The philosophy of the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services (MDCPS) is Family-Centered Practice. Family-Centered Practice identifies family strengths, support systems, and community services that will assist families in acquiring the resources, taking action, making decisions, and developing the skills they need to safely take care of their children and reduce the risk of future maltreatment. Family-Centered Practice is working with families, both formally and informally, across service systems to enhance the families’ capacity to care for and protect their children. It focuses on the needs and welfare of children within the context of their families and communities. Family-Centered Practice recognizes the strengths of family relationships and builds on these strengths to achieve optimal outcomes. Family-Centered Practice includes a range of strategies, including:

  • Advocating for improved conditions for families;
  • Supporting the families;
  • Stabilizing those in crisis;
  • Reunifying those who are separated;
  • Strengthening families; and
  • Connecting families to the resources that will sustain them in the future.

Youth Court Process

Do you have questions about the Youth Court Process?  Please access the link below for information regarding Youth Court timelines, parents' rights, videos about the process, and other available resources or visit: 

MS Access to Justice Youth Court

The Office of State Public Defender handles parent representation in child welfare cases in youth court and on appeal. OSPD is partnering with counties, courts, legal service agencies, and attorneys in private practice to provide this direct representation. For more information or to find a parent defense attorney in your area, please visit: 

Parent Defense Program

Tools for Healthy Living

2021/2022 Prevention Resource Guide

The Prevention Resource Guide is a national guide of partners and resources for building strong families and communities and ways to implement the Protective Factors Framework. Please visit:

Prevention Resource Guide