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Explore Our Benefits

Health/Prescription Insurance

Eligible employees have the opportunity to participate in the state’s health and prescription insurance program. Employees may select either single or family coverage with affordable co-payments. More details can be found at:

Know Your Benefits

Wellness Benefits

Employees are eligible for a wellness and health promotion program. This plan provides annual benefits for certain services with first-dollar coverage with no deductible.

Life Insurance

All eligible employees receive an actual term life insurance policy upon employment. The policy coverage is two times the employee’s annual salary to a maximum of $100,000. More details can be found at:

Life Insurance Choices

Optional Insurances and Flexible Spending Accounts

MDCPS offers discounted premiums for dental, vision, cancer insurance, and other supplemental insurances. MDCPS provides the opportunity for employees to participate in pre-tax spending accounts. These accounts allow employees to withhold childcare expenses and unreimbursed medical expenses before applying state and federal taxes.

Paid Personal Leave, Sick Leave, and Military Leave

Full-time employees receive paid time off for personal needs and sick leave. Leave begins accruing after one month of employment and may be used as accrued. Employees earn approximately 18 days of personal leave and 12 days of sick leave annually. By federal law, all employees serving in the armed forces or the military reserves are entitled to 15 days per year for military training. 


Employees receive up to 10 paid holidays to enjoy many of our nation’s celebrations with family and friends.

Retirement Programs

The State of Mississippi provides all its employees a Defined Benefit/Defined Contribution Retirement Program. Employees become vested in the State’s retirement system after eight years of employment. Both you and your employing agency contribute toward retirement.   More detailed information regarding the State’s retirement program through the Public Employees' Retirement System of Mississippi (PERS) website.


These are just a few of the employment benefits with a state agency in Mississippi. For more information, please visit the MS State Personnel Board Website.