Interstate Compact

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) assures the safety of children being placed across state lines, both those going out of state and those coming into the state, and provides out-of-state placement and supervision for dependent children. One of the significant purposes of the ICPC is to protect children from placement in dangerous or inadequate situations across state lines. 

General Information

The compact must be used by:

  • A state party to the compact, or any officer or employee of a party state 
  • A subdivision of the party state, such as a county or city, or any officer or employee of the subdivision 
  • A court of a party state 
  • Any person (including parents and relatives in some instances), corporation, association, charitable agency, or other entity which sends, brings or causes to be sent or brought any child to another party state 

The Compact applies to the following Placement:

  • Parental – Placement back with the biological parent. 
  • Residential – Placement across state lines into residential treatment facilities for children in care or by parent/legal guardian.
  • Public Adoption- Placement across state lines for children in care.  
  • Private Adoption- Placements made across state lines pertaining to adoptions of children, not in the care of the public child services agency. These cases are usually child-specific and facilitated by a licensed private adoption agency or an attorney licensed to conduct private adoption. The ICPC request requirements may vary by state. Please see the link for the ICPC Private Adoption Checklist below.
  • Foster Care- Placements across state lines for children in the care and custody of the public child-placing agency or under the court’s jurisdiction.  
  • Court jurisdiction (only)- Placements across state lines where a child is not in the custody of the public child services agency but may be under the court's jurisdiction. Please see Related Links, AAICPC Regulations below.

Not all placements of children into other party states are subject to compliance with the compact. Compact compliance is not required for placements made in medical or psychiatric hospitals, institutions for the mentally ill or in boarding schools, or any institution primarily educational in nature. 

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