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Adoptive Parent Resources

Adoptive Parent Resources

Post Adoption Services

Post Adoption Services are provided by Southern Christian Services for Children & Youth through a partnership with MDCPS to stabilize and maintain adoptive placements. The following services can be accessed by going to or calling 601-354-0983

  • Case Management 
  • Crisis Stabilization  
  • Information & Referrals 
  • Advocacy 
  • Respite Services 
  • Short Term Groups 
  • Therapy 
  • International Adoptions (services are available to families who have adopted through international adoption.) 

What you need to know about Adoption Assistance

What is Adoption Assistance?

Adoption Assistance is a supplemental financial benefit to assist families adopting an eligible child. Assistance may come in monthly payments, Medicaid healthcare coverage, and reimbursement for certain one-time expenses. Authorization for Adoption Assistance is based upon the needs of the child. 

Who Is Eligible for Adoption Assistance?

Any child who meets the definition of special needs will qualify for adoption assistance in Mississippi until they are of age.  

How is Adoption Assistance Eligibility Determined?

A child’s eligibility for Adoption Assistance is based on a three-part requirement established by section 473 (c) of the Social Security Act. All three parts must be met for a child to be considered special needs and qualify for Adoption Assistance. 

When does the Adoption Assistance Payment Begin & End?

Adoption Assistance payments begin after the adoption is finalized and end when the child or youth reaches the age of eighteen (18). In some cases, adoption assistance may be extended past a child’s eighteenth (18) birthday. Adoption Assistance is reviewed annually for continued eligibility. 

Who Will Be the Contact for Adoption Assistance Payments After the Adoption is Finalized?

The Adoption Assistance program is administered by MDCPS Permanency Support Services/Adoption Unit. This unit is responsible for maintaining and managing the Adoption Assistance record for each adoptive family. After finalization, the adoptive family will be assigned a post-adoption specialist (assignment will be based on the first letter of the adoptive family’s last name). Monthly adoption assistance payments will be electronically deposited to your Way2Go card account on the 15th of each month. Please get in touch with your post-adoption specialist to report any changes that may have occurred, impacting the amount of adoption assistance payments. 

Post Adoption Specialists

  • Kena Thomas (601) 576-1544   (Serves last names A-I) 
  • Arteasha Poter (601) 359-4498  (Serves last names J-R) 
  • Rebecca Griffin (601) 359-4696 (Serves last names S-Z) 

Post Adoption Supervisor

  • Jasper Lowe, III (601) 359-4519 

What are additional benefits offered through the Adoption Assistance program?

  • Mississippi Medicaid Health Benefits 
  • Non-Recurring Adoption Expenses 
  • MDCPS will reimburse non-recurring, one-time adoption expenses (court cost, attorney fees, and revised birth certificate) up to $600.00 per child.

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